Get Rid of Your Unsightly Tree Stumps

Ask about our stump grinding service in the Salem, Seneca or Pickens, SC area

Do you have a tree stump left standing in your yard after an old tree fell? Smooth out your landscape with help from Palmetto ArborCare. We offer complete stump grinding services in Salem, Seneca, Pickens & Greenville, SC. You can trust us to grind your old stump down to the roots and haul away the mess.

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Trust our process

When you have an old stump standing in your yard, don't just start hacking at it with an ax and hope for the best. Partner with a stump grinding company that can do the job right.

Palmetto ArborCare will:

  • Assess the area to ensure the stump can be removed safely.
  • Grind the stump to below surface level so the land is smooth again.
  • Chip up large pieces of wood into mulch to fill in the hole.

Or we'll haul away all the debris to leave your yard completely clear. Schedule your stump grinding service today, and get a free estimate.

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